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Anointed Community Services International, Inc.

Anointed Community Services proudly serves disadvantaged individuals throughout Groveland and surrounding areas. Through donations, volunteers, and exceptional staff, Anointed successfully runs the Elese Tomlin Center and provides support to all.

Elese TOmlin

Linda Cowels



Anointed Community Services is a nonprofit educational service committed to educating and empowering economically and technologically disadvantaged women, youth, and seniors. Through community outreach, in-kind donations, and an exceptional staff, Anointed provides essentials and food security to vulnerable populations in Groveland and surrounding cities. Anointed Community Services also proudly runs the Women’s Ignite Network, supporting women and children with education, resources, and entrepreneur opportunities. For more information, please visit our website or find us on Facebook.

How does your business show natural charm?

When the most vulnerable in our communities prosper, we all prosper. Natural charm is more than just an aesthetic or atmosphere; to us, natural charm is dedication and support. It involves being an example of support to others and a pillar of reliance in your community. Natural charm is what you're most proud of showing, and we're proud to serve.

204 Gadson St.
Groveland, FL 34736