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DuBois Motors

DuBois Motors offers quality automobiles at the lowest price possible! Our mission is "Total Customer Satisfaction" We will promise that after purchasing a car or truck from us you will leave happy with our great auto prices, auto quality, and service.



Here at DuBois Motors, every vehicle offered for sale is maintained and serviced to the highest standard. DuBois Motors is one of the only full-service dealerships in the Groveland which offers a wide variety of options. At DuBois Motors you can purchase an outstanding vehicle off our lot, bring in any vehicle in which we can service or repair, and we can also offer you one of our beautiful and roomy rental cars to keep you going with your busy schedule! See our inventory online or on Facebook any time.

How does your business show natural charm?

We are an integral part of our community, and our attention to detail, emphasis on customer service, and continued support reflect that. As a pillar of small business success in Groveland, we've made it our mission to reflect the natural charm so warmly given.

110 E. Broad St.
Groveland, FL 34736