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Tucker’s Blue Collar Bakery

Tucker's Blue Collar Bakery is a home-based, woman owned bakery in Groveland and was started as a salute to all hard-working Americans.



We are a home-based bakery selling bund cakes, cake pucks, loaded brownies, and assorted cookies. Tucker’s Blue Collar Bakery is built on the American dream, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, delicious recipes, and touching the hearts of everyone we share our creations with. Feel free to call or email with questions. You can also Visit our website for our menu, pricing information, and to learn more about our specialty desserts we offer for a limited time!

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We started Tucker's Blue Collar Bakery as a salute to the hands that built our country, and to keep the memory of our best friend alive. We are a blue collar family that come from a long line of blue collar workers and serve hand baked desserts that are made from the heart. We know that a good, solid hard day's work is what made America what it is today. And our goal is to reward that hard work with a treat you deserve.